Free Quds Studio

“Barbaric, which is a French word in origin, means extremely cruel and unpleasant. It is also defined as backwardness and primitivity. However there are many barbaric societies that are technologically advanced.”

The advancement of humanity not only brought some benefits but also some harmful ideas like greed, savagery, injustice and  imperialism. 

In 21th century, humanbeing reached the highest level thoroughout the history, but forgot something:what the truth is. In the north and the south, the east and the west all people give a struggle for the truth. Oppressor or oppressed, It is possible to see the traces of this struggle all around the world.

Even though ants have small paces, walking steadily they can reach far destinations.

While we establish our studio with the title of Free Quds, we aim to do our best for all people under oppression. We call you to join and support us!