Future Academy

What Does Future Academy Do?

The Future Academy consists of thematic workshops aiming to provide a multidisciplinary perspective in Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering, and Arts. It covers a thematic workshop in almost every conceivable field that needs to be discussed about the future, from neuroscience to space, from pedagogy to architecture, from big data to political theory.

These workshops, which aim to develop a future imagination in a specific area and bring innovative ideas to life as unique communities, give their members both a perspective and a future perspective in these areas.


"Barbaric, which is a French word in origin, means extremely cruel and unpleasant. It is also defined as backwardness and primitivity. However there are many barbaric societies that are technologically advanced." The advancement of humanity not only brought...

We as Future of Health; We want to learn and investigate about this topic together ; Artificial and Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Biosensor, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, (Combination of Augmented and Virtual reality), 3D Bioprinter. We offer all of this in our...