Future Talks

What is Future Talks?

Future Talks; It consists of thematic workshops aiming to provide a multidisciplinary perspective in Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering, and Art. Participants have the opportunity to brainstorm by getting first-hand information about the subject in different fields of science in the conversations that take place with experts in the field through academia or field studies.

Tomorrow's Today Talks

“Tomorrow’s Today Workshop,” where we organize social media posts, blog posts, and Future Talks talks where we discuss the pandemic process caused by the COVID-19 and the changes and effects after it. The pandemic process we are going through includes evaluating the issue from every angle with the titles created as yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Bıg Data Summit

In today’s agenda, the word “Cyber” and the term “Cyber Security,” which it is most commonly referred to, is an extensive area rapidly rising and spreading incorrectly.

Besides, it is only a matter of time before the rapidly rising interest begins to fall lower than it should be, as it is now mentioned in many local/inappropriate places. However, when looking at the event from a correct perspective, it is evident that the main focus is actually “data science.” So the essence of the event is “data.” The word data goes beyond the name cyber. Therefore, when the requirements brought by today’s industrial revolution are taken into consideration, it is clear that a summit is vital in this field.