Global Future Meetings

What is Future Meetings?

Future Meetings; They are meetings that address different disciplines and interdisciplinary interactions and our future issues in every segment of society, from preschool age group to graduate studies. Meetings organized to brainstorm and share information with young people; It takes place simultaneously worldwide, on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month.


I Future!

You can fill out this form if you want to be informed about the Future Science events’ and be with us at the Future Meetings that we hold on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month. We will evaluate the form responses and send you an invitation link.


Future Science

69.2 Global Future Meetings (Online)

Abid Ali will be with us at 69.2 Global Future Meetings held on 26/12/2020 to speak about Innovation and Skills of Future. Abid Ali is an Engineer by profession, Trainer by choice and Social Activist at heart. He is a certified Project Management Professional (MSPM,

Future Science

68.1 Global Future Meetings

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Future Science

66.2 Global Future Meetings

It used to be said that the world is turning into a big village. With the acceleration of communication, we seem to live in the same house as 7.5 billion people do. But has this convergence brought our hearts closer to each other? Humanity certainly